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Design Thinking for Innovation: Accelerating innovation through Human-Centered Design |Download Flyer

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Private Courses

Design Thinking for Innovation: Accelerating innovation through Human-Centred Design | Download flyer A 2.5-day foundations course that teaches participants 20+ HCD methods that guide people in developing a roadmap for driving innovation within their organisation.

Design Thinking for UX: User Experience Innovation Through Human-Centered Design | Download flyer A 2-day course introducing participants to the discipline of User Experience (UX) Design, by exploring Human-Centered Design techniques to create compelling and meaningful user experiences.

Intensive Courses Bespoke courses designed to deepen participants’ knowledge and competence in specific methods, such as:

Co-Creation – how to actively involve people in the design of concepts, products, and services through co-creation and participatory design methods Business Model Generation and Innovation – how HCD methods can be used to enhance and develop innovative business models using the business model canvas Minimum Viable Product – how rapid prototyping and testing can be used to develop an MVP Innovation Catalyst – a training programme that teaches people how to design and run Innovation and HCD workshops within their organisation.

Bespoke Training & Consulting – we offer customised courses and consulting to help: Activate existing innovation platforms or develop new ones Develop innovative business models Visualise, communicate and test concepts, value propositions, and business models

Contact for Innovation Training enquiries: Vassilios Kanellopoulos Call: +44 20 8735 1111 Email: [email protected]


“Fantastic introduction to the benefits of design thinking for any business. It makes what could be seen as foreign activities to “non-designers” accessible and easy to take away and introduce to your company.”