Our work with startups

Our work with startups typically starts with a viable, feasible concept that has been proven to a certain extent.

We work closely with our clients to evolve and prove the product further, accelerating the journey to manufacture and regulatory approval that, ultimately, will unlock further investment for their business.

With over 40 years of experience in the design and commercialisation of consumer and medical devices, we help startups navigate the common challenges of the commercialisation process.

Medical Certification

We have a deep understanding of the regulations and pathways to approval in different markets and cultures. We work within a sophisticated quality system, certified to ISO13485:2016 and client-audited to 21CFR820.

Design & Product Development

Our multidisciplinary expertise in human sciences, design, engineering and technology complements our clients’ capabilities and turns ideas into a commercial success. Our work spans industrial design, engineering development, design and usability, CAD, systems engineering, usability risk analysis and product cost estimates.

Prototyping Validation and Risk Mitigation

We have extensive in-house facilities for modelling, prototyping and testing, and a deep understanding of workflow practices for manufacture. This enables us to work in an agile manner, minimising risks ahead of production. Our services include prototype manufacture and testing, verification, prototype batch and validation, tool and manufacturing estimates, testing protocols and importantly, risk mitigation analysis around design and usability.

Tooling and Manufacture

We regularly source tooling and manufacture for our clients, who benefit from our vast network of trusted suppliers across the US, UK, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Europe.

How We Work – a tailored approach.

At PDD, our work with startups follows a tailor-made approach, with a coherent, flexible, legal and contractual framework to enable swift responses, continuous workflow and that is suited to their specific needs. Our approach is:

Flexible: We are conscious that startups often have to move quickly, to meet rapid market developments and funding milestones. Our operations are agile and responsive, and enable us to deliver rapid solutions, with short turn-around times.

Focused: At PDD, we pride ourselves on being transparent and building trust with our clients. With a highly-focused approach, we mitigate risks and meet project milestones, on time and on budget.

Practical: Our service is entirely scalable to our clients’ requirements, business model, and finances. We believe in close collaboration beyond traditional meetings, and encourage constant interaction and feedback at every stage of the process.