As an innovation business, we recognise that we can make the most significant contribution to sustainability through the physical and digital products and experiences we develop for our clients. We can improve and reduce the ways these use materials and energy in their manufacture and distribution, use energy and consumables in use, create by-products or waste and are managed at their eventual end of life.

In the context of design, PDD’s core principles of sustainable design translate to exploration, assessment and design with the aim to:

• reduce or eliminate the use of single-use and non-recyclable materials
• reduce material content and improve levels of reuse, recycling or composting
• optimise efficiency so products require less energy to operate
• improve product reliability, longevity and serviceability.

The scope of sustainable management within PDD extends from providing sustainable design and services to ensuring that our internal operations are managed in more sustainable ways.

PDD’s Sustainability Policy is delivered through initiatives including:

• a program to educate our staff about sustainability and sustainable design methodology
• managing access to environmental & sustainability information
• appointing champions for current and forthcoming sustainable regulations
• integrating sustainability considerations and processes within our innovation approach
• dialogue with clients about environmental and social impact and sustainable alternatives
• using sustainable methods and tools to explore and identify more sustainable designs
• measure, manage and reduce the environmental impact of PDD operations

We invite you to discuss your sustainability goals and challenges with us to see how we can help you to achieve them and in turn, help the planet and future generations.